Spluga Pizzeria Contemporanea

When tradition meets innovation

For over 30 years, in Sorico, at the very top of Lake Como, Spluga Pizzeria Contemporanea has been telling the story of the local area and the evolution of pizza through its gourmet cuisine. The latest chapter in this family story bears the signature of by Alfio Colombo. 

About us

Spluga Pizzeria Contemporanea is a historic venue which, for many years, has welcomed guests with a wide selection of pizzas and local dishes.

It has always been family-run and is now led by Alfio Colombo, chef, pizza maker and sourdough cultivator, who has introduced a new concept from 2023: a fusion between gourmet cuisine and pizza to create a new format just waiting to be explored.

Stepping away from his beloved family restaurant, he is now focusing entirely on gourmet pizzas, bringing the gourmet cuisine to them. Lake fish, pork ribs, vegetables and local produce are therefore presented to you on the pizza bases of Alfio’s creation. 

The menu

The new menu invites guests to choose from a wide selection of modern pizzas, embarking on an exciting journey in discovery of new flavours, while traditional pizzas pay remember the past, paying tribute to the 30 years of history that have shaped Alfio’s career. A path that began with expertise in flour, yeast and leavening processes, moving from traditional pizzas through contemporary ones to reach the Soft & Crock and the H2O featuring high-hydration doughs.  What sets them apart is his attention to the dough and the combination of ingredients, which tell the story of the land they come from but also travel the world.

A selection of homemade desserts, created with a passion for experimentation with flavours and ingredients, offers guests the perfect ending to their lunch or dinner. 

Sunday Lunch

An invitation that tips its hat to the local Lake area and the nearby Valtellina. For Sunday lunchtime, guests can book traditional dishes from North Lake Como and the nearby mountains: from lake fish to sciatt and from pizzoccheri to local desserts.

Wine List

A broad wine selection put together by sommelier and maître d’ Paolo Nostrini to complement Alfio Colombo’s menu.

The emphasis is on Italian wines with a window open to the world, featuring some fine bottles. We also have an extensive list of wines by the glass.

Beer List

Not only devoted to our kitchen, pizzeria and wine cellar, we are also passionate and expert in the world of beers.

Spluga has been awarded the Gambero Rosso prize for pizzerias with the best beer list, and offers an extremely wide selection of beers from Italy and abroad, from large and small producers. 

Spluga Atelier

A sourdough workshop: this is Spluga Atelier, open opposite our historic venue, the place where Alfio Colombo creates and produces bread, biscuits and leavened cakes, including panettone and colomba cakes. The leavened goods also include Nuvola di Como, a traditional local cake filled with jam. 

Contact Us

Spluga Pizzeria Contemporanea

Via Vittorio Emanuele 12, 22010 Sorico CO

Phone: 0344 84124

Email: info@colomboresidence.it

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6.30 pm – 11.30 pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12 – 2 pm and 6.30 – 11.30 pm

Closed on Tuesday